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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  April 6, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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closed off right now between joseph and duster very way. we do not even know exactly where this man was shot. it was just somewhere on this block and police have no close the entire area to traffic. we know that earlier they were knocking on the door of that house that you can see over there and we do not know what connection that could have to this or if they're just looking for more information because police have told us that they do not have any leads right now, just that they got a call around 11:00 saying that some gunshots had been fired and when they got to this block they found a man who had been shot and he was taken to the hospital and that is where he died. so police are not saying a lot right now. we're trying to find out more for mission and we will bring it to you when we do. >> open students allowed to return to campus days after the worst shooting attack at a california college. kate is at oikos university with a growing memorial for the victim. she joins us with the latest.
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>> good morning, that is right, at the beginning of this week oikos university was a large crime scene and now is a growing memorial for those seven victims. people from all over have dropped off candles, cards, stuffed animals, all in a memorial to the victims of the shooting. the students and staff were allowed back to the school yesterday just for a brief moment. only to get their belongings. but the crime scene tape is up this morning an oakland police are still calling it a large crime scene and they do not know when students will be allowed to return. they still have not recovered that murder weapon, a semiautomatic weapon. there were combing the oakland estuary looking for that and they got a tip yesterday that it was in a trash can that actually turned out to be not the case. we spoke to the dean of oikos university through a translator, and he recalled the events of that tragic day. >> i heard a lot of gunshots,
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around five or six shots. i was trapped in the area so what i did was go inside of a room, turn off the lights and locked the doors. and took off the battery for my phone. and i lay down on four the floor for 14 minutes. >> he is still in the jail held on no bail on administrative segregation, and that means that he is in a cell alone for 23 hours per day. this is 4 suspects that are a danger to themselves and to others. he was in court earlier this week and did not enter a plea in this case but we heard reports that he did admit to the shootings and the killings at oikos university. we are live in oakland this morning. >> thanks, cbs five staying on top of that developing story and you can always get the latest updates on >> it has been three weeks since
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15 year-old sierra lamar from morgan hill was last seen. the santa clara county sheriff's department continue to looks for clues, expanding their search to the san martin and gilroy areas. another big on your search set for tomorrow. forty-niners quarterback alex smith is expected to take part for the second straight weekend. volunteers are asked to register at burnett elementary school for the search begins. >> a question of negligence after a bicyclist involved in a recent fatal incident allegedly wrote his version of events on line. it happened last week at the corner of market and castro streets. a 71 year-old pedestrian was killed while in a crosswalk. the cyclist allegedly posted an account just after the crash. he wrote on cycling website " the light turned yellow as i was approaching the intersection but i was too committed to stop, he went on to write " i could not see a line through the crowd and i could not stop so i laid it
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down and plowed through the crowded across walk in the least populated place at a fine. >> legal analyst say the statement could point to negligence. >> it might suggest that something may have been done, or a judgment may have an exercise that was unreasonable that alludes to criminal negligence. >> but henderson added that since the postings are out of context it is difficult to say what a prosecutor would do. >> ok, let's cut a check on whether, lots going on this weekend so we are all hoping for good weather. >> a lot of easter egg hunts. we do not need to worry about the chocolate eggs melting because it will be a chilly start to the day. we have a frost advisory now up in the north bay as we're seeing called images developing there. some of those numbers dropping off. upper twenties and low '30's. that is going to come to an end as the sun comes up and the senator's warm up nicely but right now hovering above freezing in santa rosa. 33 and fairfield and 38 in livermore.
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this afternoon we expect those temperatures on the cool side in spots along the coastline. usually in the '60s almost 70 degrees running below the average about three or five degrees. but over the weekend there is a cold front bearing down on the bay area bringing with it a chance of showers manley north of the golden gate bridge to read more showers for everyone as we headed to the beginning of next week. >> we'll take you out to fremont where we have been following this developing story, a lot police activity as a and mackovic just mentioned around central ave. ) now between joseph st. and duster barry. both directions of central avenue have been shut down until 9:00 a.m.. homicide investigators are on the scene. alternate routes in the area. we will have another live report coming up very shortly. in the meantime police say to avoid that area. the main line of freeway highway 88 in my in the meantime here is a live
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look across the bay bridge where upper deck traffic is very light so far heading into san fransisco and there's no delay at a gate. it actually looks great all up the incline heading towards treasure island. coming up we will have more traffic put in the meantime back to you guys. >> u.s. employers added 120,000 jobs last month. that falls below previous projections of 200,000 jobs. the latest report from the labor department shows the unemployment rate fell to 8.2%. this marks the fourth straight month of hiring by american companies, a sign that the u.s. economy is now improving. president barack obama signed a jobs acted to lot yesterday making it easier for smaller businesses to raise more cash. an audio tape appears to shed light on planning by the new orleans saints, the team tantalized and down the scandal. >> the former defensive coordinator spoke before the 40 niners play the saints in a playoff game.
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>> that last comment apparently referred to kyle williams, greg williams has been suspended indefinitely under charges that he paid players for each injury that they cause from 2009 through 2000 and 11. >> the time is 6 07 a.m., the push to bring the injury olympics to california heat up. >> cow dan jiggetts forced the coast guard to take action against his ghost ship. >> this is amazing, we're hearing how and 80 year-
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>> @ now at 6 10:00 a.m., a japanese ghost ships loading in the middle of the gulf of alaska is now at the bottom of the ocean. the u.s. coast guard fired cannons at the fishing vessel yesterday.
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they had been tracking it since it set adrift after last year's tsunami in japan. they decided to sink the ship to keep it from interfering with sea traffic. lawyers for george zimmerman are disputing some people's interpretation of what he was heard saying on a 9 1 1 recording. zimmerman of course is that neighborhood watch volunteer that says that he shot teenager trayvon martin in self-defense. activists say the fatal shooting was racially motivated and believe that zimmerman could be heard uttering a racial slur. meanwhile his lawyers say misinformation and misconceptions have caused a lot people to rush to judgment. >> one example, without taking too much exception, the picture looks of a 12 year-old boy instead of the 6 ft. 3 in. 17 year-old marcy football player who got into a confrontation with someone 6 in. shorter than him. >> this is one of the photographs the a tree was talking about. you can see more of that
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interview on cbs this morning which begins at 7:00 a.m. right after our newscast this morning. >> a san quentin inmates that he killed a fellow prisoner to avenge the death of an innocent child less than the rest of his life behind bars. he said edward schaefer in the prison yard years ago. schieffer was drunk when he hit a 9 year-old girl with his motorcycle. in response to that conviction he told a court " the innocence of a child must be defended at all cost ". >> the time is 6 to 0 a.m., he called the president a coward. how u.s. marine could be punished for his facebook comments. >> and how river otters are prompting an unusual warning in 1 bay area town. >> it is cold to start out the day, if you plan to head to the high country, looking good. 88 in. at heavenly valley with partly cloudy skies. squaw valley 92 in. on the ground. if you plan to stay past sunday,
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to providing grants to a nonprofit which offers job training and placement... and supporting an organization working to help the environment. because the more we do in the bay area, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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>> here's a check on some of today's hot stories. oakland students allowed back on campus for the first time since the shooting rampage that killed seven people. the suspect being held without bail. suspended san fransisco sherrif is back in court today to show proof that he is attending domestic violence classes.
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rick santorum has reportedly met with conservative leaders in an effort to stop mitt romney from getting the republican presidential nomination. the associated press says that their strategy includes pressuring newt gingrich to drop out of the race. >> an earthquake rattled a sparsely populated area of monterey county. the usgs said it had a magnitude of 3.7 and was centered 50 mi. northeast of so that, 70 mi. southeast of san jose. the so that police department says so far they have not received any reports of damage or injuries but a few people are shaken up this morning. >> 3.7 is a pretty good one. that will get a heart racing. we have some cold temperatures outside around the bay area. a frost advisory in the north bay. we are in for a better day as we are going to see more sunshine and centers are going to warm up nicely. let's wind as well. a cold start to the morning but by afternoon we have sunshine
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and mild temperatures. cool along the coascoastline. high pressure building to the bay area. which are to mourn the temperatures up to date, probably tomorrow. as we get into sunday, the system dropped into the bay area bringing with it a chance of a few showers. as we head through the day to day you'll see plenty of sunshine and less when so will feel much warmer around the bay area. saturdays and passing clouds, but sunday the storm system lagging to the north a little bit as we head through the day sunday a chance of showers north of the golden gate bridge. the rest of the areas it should should stay dry. 60s in the south bay, '50s along the coastline as you had to the east and temperatures running in the into the 60s and getting inside of the bay, '50s and '60s. not as windy today so it will feel much better all around the bay area. tomorrow we could see low seventies in the warmer spots but by sunday the clouds are to
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roll back and monday and tuesday. this next week looks wet off and on. the official easter forecast. chance of showers to the north with the some measures ranging from '50s to the '70s. if you have an easter egg hunt plan to them in the morning because it is getting iffy in the afternoon. >> my kids will bring jackets and sweaters and umbrellas. >> you are ready for everything. so much for sunny california. >> good morning, sunday will be the wild card. let's go outside to show you what is going on the bay area roadways. we still have a high wind advisory in effect here, not just a few minutes ago they did cancel one for the bay bridge. just a heads up. overall traffic is nice and light on this friday morning. other bay area roadways, here's a live look at the east freeway. you can see it is still in the green even through berkeley. traffic heading towards
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emeryville from berkeley actually looks pretty good in those west bound lanes. all the way to the macarthur maze. so far moving at top speeds this morning. we are following a problem in fremont, this is a developing story overnight. a homicide investigation going on and there were still streets blocked off in the area and police gave us a note that central avenue is shutdown between joseph streets until 9:00 this morning. they tell people to avoid that area while police have the area blocked off. alternate routes in the area, edgar is drive and thorton. that will impact much of the morning commute. not expected to reopen that stretch of roadway until 9:00 a.m.. the freeway for fremont in the south they looking pretty good. moving at top speeds this morning. further north up and down, past the coliseum. taillights moving northbound. northbound and southbound looking pretty good.
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if you have an early morning flight by oakland airport you should not find any delay getting there. coming up we will check mass transit in the meantime back to you guys. >> i will take it. 619 right now, a military court recommends that a marine be kicked out of the military for criticizing president barack obama on facebook. sergeant gary sign posted comments: barack obama a coward and the enemy. also wishing for the presidency in the upcoming election. his lawyer says he was exercising free-speech rights and now a general will decide to accept or deny that court's decision. there are newly released audio of and 80 year-old woman landing a small airplane after her husband died suffering a heart attack at the controls. >>
6:21 am
>> that was helen collins getting quick lessons from a control tower in wisconsin on monday. she landed the plane successfully but it was a rough landing. she's being treated for a cracked rib and a back injury but it was amazing which was able to do. she stayed calm, her husband had trained for a few times when it would go up in the airplane just in case anything would happen. >> look how called she was. it saved her life. it is 60 1:00 a.m., a new road sign stronghold lot of attention in the north bay. we will show you those. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> we are back at 60 4:00 a.m., eye-catching road signs popping up, warning drivers to be careful of these guys. those are otters, there posted along lakeesha drive, warning about water crossing the road near the high canal entrance. it turns out that otters like high canals and their supporters will do >> it is also a challenge to sea otters moving around at night time so a group raised some
6:25 am
money for those signs to warn drivers. >> it is not hard raising money to help others? >> while life is really the key to protecting the environment. and others are so cute. >> that sums it up, they raise $300 to buy the one-of-a-kind signs. city workers put them up for free and say it was a feel-good projects. a hungry 250 lb. bear has made its debut. >> he is now on twitter. meet the black bear who has been making regular visits to a southern california neighborhood on trash pickup day. now he has hundreds of twitter followers curious about his hungry have that stuff. on tuesday he said " please don't be afraid of me, i will not be you unless you are a meat ball from costco. i do not know if i believe him. he has more followers than me on twitter. >> you need to work on that.
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>> california and navato will try to bring the 20202 wintery mix t the u.s. olympic committee will decide by next year whether they will submit a formal bid and promote a single city. baseball fever is in the air this morning. >> it is time to play ball. the oakland a's host the seattle mariners this evening. the home opener for " oakland. parking lot opens up at 2:00 this afternoon if you want to tail gate. this will be 40 years since it won the first of four world series titles in oakland. 1972 world series. a lot of home runs that year. the giants open up the regular season on the road in phoenix taking on the diamondbacks but they will open a home stadium so
6:27 am
that fans can get together and watch the game on tv tonight. that will begin at 3:00 p.m. at at&t park right here in san francisco. >> it is 60 6:00 a.m., macintosh owners get a taste of what it is like to own a pc. the problem that they both need to deal with for the very first time. >> a man killed after a bicyclist crashed into him, we're now hearing from that writer. >> and the search for the murder weapon continues in the oikos shooting after police were given a false step. we will have the update coming up. ♪
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>> >> you are watching cbs five eyewitness news in high- definition. >> good morning everyone is friday april 6th. >> it is 6:30 a.m. and we begin with developing news in the east bay. >> police are trying to figure out who shot and killed a man in fremont. and mackovic in fremont where the victim was found in a street. >> this happened several hours ago. police have not said anything about what has turned out to beat a murder. central avenue right now closed between duster barry and joseph.
6:31 am
this happened at 11:00 p.m.. you can see crime scene tape all over this block right now. so several people who live in the area are asking police whether or not they can get in and out of their driveways. we did see police coming in and out of a home which is just down the block here. and we have heard unconfirmed reports from neighbors that the man that wood shop was found in a driveway near that house. neighbors reported hearing an argument, and they do say also that gunshots are not uncommon in this area. so that is what we know right now. the call came in around 11:00 p.m.. the man was taken to the hospital and that is where he was pronounced dead. the police told me that it will have more information for us in 20 minutes. so we will keep you posted as the information comes out on this murder. back to you. >> thank you. new details on the suspected shooter in the campus shooting
6:32 am
rampage in oakland as the campus community recovers. still in shock by the attack. kate is at oikos university with more. >> michelle, that will be one long road to recovery. crime scene tape still up at the university as a memorial continues to grow honoring those seven victims and three injured in that shooting. as you can see people from all over drop off candles, cards, notes of sympathy for the families and victims involved in this shooting. students and staff were allowed back yesterday on campus for a brief time span only to collect their belongings. the crime scene tape is still up. oakland police say it is a large crime scene and as you said this morning investigators are still looking for answers. they don't have that semi- automatic used in that shooting. they are combing the oakland estuary and then they got a false step that it was in a trash can but that turned out to be nothing. no word on when students can return but the dean of oikos university spoke to cbs 53
6:33 am
translator saying that he will never forget the tragic events of that day. >> this is one of the most scary things that can happen in america. gunshots. i was so scared that everyone might be killed in cold blood. >> the suspect long ago is still in the jails held on no bail, on administrative segregation. what that means is that he is in his cell alone for 23 hours per day and that is used for suspects considered a danger to others and themselves. we are live in oakland this morning. back to you. >> you can keep up with the latest developments on our website >> this morning marks three weeks since sierra lamar was last seen near her morgan hill home. santa clara county sheriff's department expanded their search yesterday to the san martine and gilroy areas. another big volunteer search set for tomorrow. forty-niners quarterback alex
6:34 am
smith will take part for the second straight weekend. volunteers are asked to register at the burnett elementary school starting tomorrow at 8:00. a bicyclist involved in a recent fatal incident is allegedly writing about the events on the internet. the crash happened at the corner of market and castro streets. a 71 year-old pedestrian was killed while in a crosswalk. the cyclist allegedly posted an account hours after the crash. he rode on a website " the light turned yellow as i was approaching the intersection but i was way too committed to stop ". he went on to write " i could not see a line through the crowd and i could not stop so i laid it down and plowed through the crowded crosswalk in the least populated place i could find. >> a court hearing for san fransisco suspended sherrif, he needs to prove he is attending domestic violence counseling class is as part of his plea bargain. meantime the ethics commission has lined up and april 23rd meeting to examine the mayor's
6:35 am
charges of official misconduct. he is challenging the suspension in court and that hearing is set for april 20th. >> a big weekend ahead with easter, good friday, and the oakland a's kick off their baseball season tonight. >> i have to complement lawrence on is to let pie. >> tulips are better than no lips. but that is what my mother used to say. but you are headed out the door this morning, mostly clear skies, cold spots. members running in the '30's and '40's with a frost advisory in the north they valley. those temperatures could get into the upper teens or 20s before we get going this morning but otherwise it will be a nice day as we see plenty of sunshine and it looks like warmer temperatures by the afternoon. 37 degrees in concord and 38 in livermore and 40 degrees in san jose. by the afternoon highs in the '50s along the coastline with mid-60's in the warmer spots. the weekend starts to get a fee as we head towards easter sunday and saturday looks great but by
6:36 am
sunday afternoon a chance of showers developing north of the golden gate bridge with the rest of us just passing clouds and a better shot rain monday and tuesday. >> we would like to say the bay bridge is the best indicator of how traffic is flowing all over the bay area. is this commute is any indication, so far things as are pretty good. it is good friday so a lot of kids have the day off from school. you may get today off from work. traffic is not too bad. they did not even turn on the meter and light so far at the bay bridge toll plaza so there is no delay behind the take gates. it looks pretty good all the way to the skyway. no sign of any requests right now through the central valley. right now there is no delay in that drive time between walnut creek and callicott. three antioch a little bit of changing color on the senses but not much. traffic lighter than normal between antioch and concord.
6:37 am
that is traffic. back to you guys. >> 6:36 a.m., an audiotape casting a dark shadow over the new orleans saints. they were penalized in a down the scandal. greg williams spoke before the saints played the forty-niners and a playoff game. here it is. >> >> there you go, that last comment referred to 49ers quarterback kyle williams. he has been suspended indefinitely over charges that he paid players to injury opponents. >> california will mail absentee ballots to active service members and voters living abroad. the june primary is less than two months away to read the secretary of state says the last
6:38 am
day to register to vote is may 21st. the last day to request a ballot is may 79th. rick santorum has reportedly met with conservative leaders in an effort to stop mitt romney from getting the republican nomination. the associated press says their plan includes pressuring newt gingrich to drop out of the race. many conservative republicans have long believed their voter base is diluted by splitting between rick santorum and newt gingrich. allowing the more moderate mitt romney to accumulate more than half the delegates needed for the nomination. the other republican candidate ron paul drum up support in berkeley yesterday. he addressed a raucous crowd at the uc campus just before the rally he sat down with kcbs radio. >> is there something that you would want in return for your endorsement or your block of delegates at the convention? >> a sign a pledge that he would except my platform.
6:39 am
change his attitude about the war's end get rid of the fed and no more bailouts for goldman sacks or entitlements. a few things like that. >> he admits that mitt romney is almost certain to be the republican nominee but he has not decided whether to endorse him. >> a new attack on the computer world, this time targeting macintosh. we're joined in to explain what it does and how you may be able to prevent it. >> good morning. yes, it is called the flashback trojan. believed to have infected more than 600,000 macintosh computers. mostly in the united states and canada. how do you get it? all users have to do is visit an infected website and this trojan will silently infected or macintosh through old software. java software. computer security experts say this virus will download pastors and other personal information
6:40 am
and you could be vulnerable that way. this type of attack against mackintosh has been fairly rare. usually it is the pc that is played by viruses like this. but experts i spoke to said it will become more common as consumers buy more apple products. the good news is that this week apple released a security patch that will hopefully plug this hole in java so that users that have not updated their software should do that as soon as possible to avoid getting this virus. that is the latest. back to you. >> thank you so much. new this morning, signs the u.s. economy may not be growing fast enough to sustain jobs growth. the latest numbers show the unemployment rate fell to 8.2 percent last month. however new jobs numbers fell below analysts' expectations with 120,000 jobs added. below the 200,000 earlier this year. overall u.s. economy has added
6:41 am
850,000 jobs since the month of december. >> your first impression in a job interview goes a long way. >> so one day. business is lending a helping hand. this dry cleaners in san fransisco offering free dry cleaning for anyone unemployed, that may have an upcoming job interview. the owner's son, but the idea inspired by what you read about other businesses doing what they could to help out. at least one customer actually got a job offer and will continue to do it no questions asked. >> pretty good idea. >> the new york stock exchange or maybe the nasdaq? where you'll find the facebook ipo next month.,,,,,,,, [ birds chirping ]
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>> we are giddy in the studio, is it because it is friday? >> it is good friday. one not? >> we have the weekend ahead, a holiday weekend and change is coming our way right now. mostly clear outside, chile in spots with a frost advisory in the north bay valley's but as he had directed a we will see more sunshine and less wind although it will still be cool along the coastline.
6:45 am
multimeters elsewhere and then there is a chance of rain as we head into easter sunday. high pressure building in to the bay area bring us a couple of days of decent weather. but then we have the system right here that is off the coast. that will bring clouds for saturday and sunday there's a chance we could see showers north of the golden gate bridge. on the computer models you can see most of the day looking good. a few more clouds silvering across the skies and then sunn that we could see that cold front beginning to drop into the bay area. probably not until the afternoon when we begin to see the rainfall there. most of that mainly north of the golden gate bridge. a pretty decent day ahead, tempters warming up nicely. mid-60's in the south bay. 50's along the coastline but not as breezy and as you get to the east they will find plenty of sunshine after a cool start. 65 degrees in pleasanton and at walnut creek. as we get inside the bay, 50s near the san francisco area and 62 in santa rosa and 60 degrees in navato. the next couple of days we will see dry weather and warmer
6:46 am
conditions. low seventies as we get near tomorrow. cooling things off sunday with a chance of showers late in the day in a better chance of rain for everyone next monday and tuesday. >> we are right up to oakland but we have a problem on the freeway. northbound 880 near the colosseum. we actually see the backed up in this camera. this is northbound 880 where you're seeing those are acolytes. the northbound lanes of traffic, it sounds like the off ramp remains open at this time but from what we understand it was a smaller fender bender involving maybe two or three cars. not hearing about any serious injuries. for a while i had to land's blocked but now they're working to clear it and it sounds like that most of the activity of to the right-hand shoulder so we will let you know when the completely reopen lanes in the meantime unfortunately we're seeing slower speeds. southbound 880 not impacted, it looks ok if you are heading out with the oakland airport. the northbound lanes are pretty jammed up.
6:47 am
elsewhere, the great highway remains shut down this morning. pretty windy. so they have is closed, the great highway shut down and that usual area. you will need to find an alternate route. in the meantime the rest of the bay area, a flight to catch by sfo? 101 and 280 in the clear. major drive * doing fine and mass transit remains on schedule with no delay for parts, meany, or caltrans or ferries. it is friday. and we have a high fives. it is from san carlos. these are the people from the bay area, educational theater company. a nonprofit group that puts on family friendly shows in the bay area since 1996. right now they're getting ready for their spring production of the story of the ugly duckling. if you want to check it out it runs april 23rd the 29th. thinking to the kids and adults
6:48 am
at the bay area educational theater company for being part of today's high fives. if you want to participate e- mail us. back to you guys. >> very nice. today is good friday as christians commemorate the crucifixion of jesus christ. the u.s. stock markets observe it as a holiday and are closed as a result. yesterday a mixed day on wall street as the dow and s&p 500 fell slightly but the nasdaq rose about a dozen points. facebook has decided where their stock will be listed. the new times reports the social media giant chose the nasdaq over the new york stock exchange and sources say the nasdaq lower fees and experience with technology companies like apple and cool when them over. the menlo park company will make their ipo next month. >> a chocolate protein drink being taken off the shelves this morning. there voluntarily recalling the the monster beverage. for customers that have peanut allergies experienced severe allergic reactions. the company is working with the
6:49 am
fbi to investigate because the drink does not contain peanut or not ingredients. >> stanley cup playoff time and the sharks are in the playoffs for the eighth straight year. san jose clinched the postseason thanks to a couple of teams losing and there should out in l.a.. the sharks and the kings finished the regular season in san jose tomorrow night so the sharks are off to the playoffs. it is day two of the masters golf tournament. teatime set to go shortly. in the gust up. tiger woods seeking his fourth win there ever. hopefully another green jacket there. he actually got a bogey on the last two holes. lee west would consider the best player never to win a major. he is hoping to end that drought this week. he got off to a great start with
6:50 am
five under par and as a one-shot lead over a handful of golfers. a dog in getting blamed for eating his owners tickets to the highly coveted masters. >> the seattle man was determined and when we say determined, we mean it, to get those tickets back. so he said his dog hydrogen peroxide, that made her sick, and up came the ticket pieces, he pieced them together and lucky for him tournament organizers agreed to reissue new tickets. can you imagine being the ticket taker taking those? >> they gave him new tickets, but it is almost a birthright to get into that place understand why he went to extreme measures to get those digested tickets back up. and what a story. >> san fransisco immune system marks its 100th birthday. people may end up paying for some it parking to help them make ends meet. >> phil matier joins us live
6:51 am
from cafe roma with ahead of muni, as well. gentlemen. and the mayor. take it away. >> how're you doing? exactly, two legends in unique, the guy that runs it now and the guy that said he could fix it in 100 days. >> my administration never said that. >> you did? i have to say that muni is one of those things that everyone in san fransisco takes and likes and complains about. you took the job just a little while ago. any second thoughts? >> not at all, i have the best job in san francisco. people love me and people love to hate me. people enjoy a sometimes some laughs at a news expense. but to be a part of one of the best transportation systems in the world, i cannot think of a better way to spend my career. >> but right now in order to balance your deficit ridden budget which many always seems
6:52 am
to be running in the red, you are proposing something very controversial. he will increase parking tickets and to what, $70? making them on par or even passed in york. and will start charging people for parking on sunday? that is not boys making the most popular guy around town. >> i did not take the job to be popular, i took the job to meet the transportation system work and make it rational. and i think that first if we want to have a world-class transportation system we need to resource it, we need to put the right funding in place for it. what this budget represents and one of the reasons why we had a gap to close is because i am adding a lot of resources to the minutes of the system. primarily in the new system but also the people that work on the streets, the people that pink stripes, who fixed the traffic signals. >> at the same time you're doing that and raising prices, you're sitting there talking about giving it away free to people under 17 which will cost millions? how does that make sense?
6:53 am
>> so, prices that we're raising first of all parts car to break it down a little bit, the state is imposing surcharges on parking tickets. so we do not feel that it is appropriate for all of us to pay that cost. we have made it much easier for people to avoid getting parking tickets, easier to find parking and pay for parking. >> the bottom line is that if you are raising fees and giving away muni for free, it does not balance out? >> will not largely giving away muni for free. to the extent we're doing it in the way i am proposing it, in a way that the costs are covered because we're doing it contingent on receiving funds from the region that we otherwise would not have. that is how we get around that. >> is there any possibility in whatever time span it takes, for me in the ultimately to be free? >> totally free? >> i don't think so.
6:54 am
mayor gavin newsom sponsored a study of that question. i do not know, five years ago. and i think that no matter how people looked at it they could not find a way to do so but what i would like to move towards and what this whole use free muni for use issue has brought forth to me, is that right now we provide discounts to people based on age, not based on income. so we have a situation now where wealthy seniors or wealthy young people pay less than low-income adults to ride public transit. so i think that in the long term, making the free for low- income people might be something that we can do. >> what he is proposing, you want wealthier older people that write me to pay more? >> i want people to pay according to their ability to pay. >> he wants you to pay more! we have to go. >> i want me to be free. i think the benefits from uni
6:55 am
being free would be tremendous for the city. >> that is you, a politician, not having to pay. back to you guys. >> ok, phil matier and an in a. it is 6:54 a.m., a deadly shooting investigation under ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
6:56 am
6:57 am
[ male announcer ] with all your car does for you, he really wants to hear those three little words:
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chevron with techron. care for your car. >> it is 6:57 a.m., developing news, a murder overnight on a street in fremont and police have provided new information. and mackovic is in fremont to give us an update. >> i am between duster barry and joseph and the please confirm that the man that shot in the head was found in that driveway right over there next to the apartment complex. he was shot at least once in that. police got the call just before 11:00 p.m., the man was taken to the hospital and that is where he died. they say they do not have any leads, no motive or suspects information. they're still looking for more clues and that is why central is still closed down right now and will be until 9:00 a.m.. back to you. >> thank you for that update.
6:59 am
>> let's check on traffic and weather. a big weekend this weekend? >> it is starting out very cold with a frost advisory in the north bay valley's. hovering above freezing in napa valley. same with santa rosa and 42 in san jose. as we head into the afternoon, less wind, warmer, cooler along the coastline. mid-60's into san jose and the livermore valley. the next couple days looking very nice with seventies into saturday, it gets is the in the latter part of the day sunday with a chance of showers north of the golden gate bridge and a chance of showers for everyone monday and tuesday. >> things look great so far, on the bay bridge, the have not turned the metering lights on. traffic is that light. it looks pretty good right now. this is the first exit into san fransisco. it is improving and right now. northbound 880 by a hyde street exit is an accident that was clear to the shoulder. sluggish as you pass the colise b


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